How can I help?

October 21, 2008

Many years ago when I started working with Jornada promoting personal development programs, I realised when it came to life purpose that I was a helper.  I love to help people, over the years my purpose has been defined and I know recognise that I can make a difference on a larger scale than one on one through providing space and opportunities for people to come together and learn new skills.  Skills that will enhance their lives across all area’s, so they can begin to live an extraordinary life…. a life they never dreamed possible.

This year has been a year full of changes and quite a selfish one for me, but I am back on deck and with the current economy have been thinking about how I can make the biggest difference and help people right now.  It’s interesting to watch what people choose to focus on, I read a great blog by Seth Godin (the author of purple cow) who made comment around people focusing on the one area that isn’t working for them and subsequently, allowing the area’s that had been working well also slide to a place that is not ideal for them and as a result ending up with more than one area not running as smoothly as they wished.

About 3 months ago when the economy started to get really interesting and people started paying attention, I realised there is little we can do as individuals to change the current economic situation, the sharemarket, the property market, managed funds, general investments BUT there are some things that are in our control that we can do, that may make a difference to the big picture of our lives if you have your own business or have control in one as long as we choose to focus on moving forwards.

Many successful people say the key to their success was to surround themselves with experts, to find mentors, to utilise people who had the skills we are yet to posess or want to get better.  This is why I know that our next event, Entrepreneurs Masterclass will make a difference in helping people increase their business profits and in term (fingers crossed) cash flow.

It’s easy to get caught in the hype, the doom and gloom, to get caught like chicken little afraid the sky will fall in, or you can choose to get positive and proactive about the decisions you make each day.  Which will you choose?


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